Beauty Products Dermatologists Say It’s a Waste of Money

Save your money and skip these expensive beauty products. Dermatologists say alternatives give you better value (and glowing skin).

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Beauty Products You May Not Need

You work hard for your money and you deserve products that work hard to keep your skin and hair looking great. But unfortunately, that’s not always what you get. We discovered nine that don’t deliver on their promises (and often come with a hefty price tag), and got the scoop on what to use instead for great results.

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Precious cleaning agents

Cleansers only sit on your skin for a short time, so they rarely have much “action” other than removing makeup, oil, and dirt — something every cleanser should do, says Christine Choi Kim, MD, a dermatologist in Santa Monica. , California. A more valuable investment: a Clarisonic cleansing brush. Unlike other cheaper cleansing devices, which use manually rotating brush heads that can be too abrasive for sensitive skin, Clarisonic uses ultrasonic vibrations to gently but deeply cleanse the skin. The Payoff: In addition to minimizing breakouts, you get more power from the products you use afterward.

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