Bentonite Clay Benefits For Your Beauty Routine

See the many impressive benefits of this mineral-rich ingredient. Your face, body and hair will thank you!

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Young woman applying green bentonite clay maskBumble Dee/Shutterstock

Bentonite clay purifies the pores

“We are now painfully aware of the negative effects of pollution and free radicals on the skin,” says Los Angeles esthetician Biba de Sousa. Bentonite clay is a powerhouse for cleaning pores, she says. When activated with liquid, it acts like a magnet and sponge, binding to and absorbing positively charged impurities (such as heavy metals, excess sebum and bacteria). “Put simply, it pulls pollutants and ‘silt’ out of the skin,” says de Sousa. Bentonite clay isn’t the only detoxifier that deserves a spot in your beauty routine. Check out these purifying skincare ingredients.

Close-up of bentonite clay maskTatevosian Yana/Shutterstock

Absorbs excess oil

One of the biggest myths about oily skin is that you should use harsh alcohol-based products to dry out the skin. This is simply not true! When you remove natural oils, your skin produces it to compensate. Instead, you’ll want to look for natural ingredients, such as bentonite clay, that help balance sebum levels. “This super-absorbent, swelling clay has unparalleled oil-sucking abilities,” says Alexandra Wagner, a Los Angeles-based esthetician. This makes it excellent for oily skin. Those with dry, sensitive and aging skin types should look for milder clays, such as French pink and white kaolin. Looking for a DIY facial to combat oil and shine? In a non-reactive (wood, plastic, or glass) bowl, combine equal parts bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Apply the mask evenly to the skin, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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