Hair dye tips: stretching time between color appointments

Keep hair color fresh

If you like to dye your hair, there are two things you need to protect your colored locks: hair care and maintenance. This usually involves touch-up visits in the hair salon. However, during the coronavirus quarantine, businesses such as hair salons and barber shops are closed due to home orders.

So, what can you do to extend the life of your hair color at home? We spoke to a famous stylist and hair colorist about how to keep your hair looking fresh and bright between salon appointments (or until your stylist can see you again). Here’s how to extend your hair color at home like a pro.

iStock/Fabiano Mesquita

Don’t go too far from your natural shade

The closer you get to your true shade, the less color maintenance your hair needs. If you have naturally jet black locks and she bleaches Gwen Stefani platinum blonde, the regrowth will be quick and noticeable, meaning you’ll probably need your salon on speed dials. Unless you’re committed to maintenance, stick with a color within two shades of your natural base. (Hairstylists reveal the worst things you can do to your hair.)

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