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While some juices on the market are loaded with added sugars and may not be entirely good for your health, other juices can benefit your health in several ways. While it may not be a popular choice, tart cherry juice is known to reduce inflammation in the body and aid in muscle recovery after a workout.

If you struggle with inflammation, you know how dangerous it can be; according to Harvard Medical School, chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis, as well as diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Anything that can provide relief can be of great help, so Jessica Isaacs, RD, CSSD spoke to Cheribundi with the healthy @Reader’s Digest about the specific ways drinking sour cherry can benefit your workouts, muscle recovery, and overall inflammation.

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“Tart cherry juice contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenolic compounds — micronutrients naturally found in plants — that research has shown accelerate recovery from strength-based exercise, reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, and improve muscle markers. [breakdown]Issac says.

Issacs also points to two other studies to prove her point. One comes from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine dieh shows how tart cherry juice reduces oxidative stress (which causes inflammation in the body) and muscle and heart damage after resistance training. The other is from the European sports science magazine showing that tart cherry concentrate may also reduce the effects of muscle damage and improve recovery for women.

But does tart cherry juice work for inflammation not associated with exercise? Yes! Due to the rich nutrients and antioxidants found in this juice, it can help reduce joint pain and inflammation, thereby reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Tart cherry juice also promotes better brain health, aids sleep, and even boosts the immune system by reducing the risk of infection.

Drinking tart cherry juice is one of many ways to get antioxidants in your diet, which help slow certain types of cellular damage and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease, explains Issacs.

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