Small Diet Changes That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. These insider tricks and doable diet swaps can easily help jump-start your weight loss.

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Ask yourself two questions before giving in to cravings

A simple yet effective diet change that can help you lose weight is to ask two questions. First ask if you are hungry and then ask what you are in the mood to eat. Susan Bowerman, RD, director of Worldwide Nutritional Education and Training at Herbalife, says people often eat for reasons other than physical hunger. Understanding why you want to eat certain foods can help you determine whether eating is the best solution. “You could be procrastinating, or bored, or stressed. Or maybe you just really need a hug. Distract yourself for five to 10 minutes, a buffer time to decide if you’re really hungry,” adds Jennipher Walters, a certified personal trainer, co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls LLC, and author of The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti Diet. Here are easy ways to lose weight naturally.

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