Speed ​​up metabolism: tips for every age

Rather than envy 20-somethings for their ability to maintain weight seemingly effortlessly, follow these tips to speed up your own metabolism.

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Drink more H2O

If you’re looking to speed up your metabolism, making sure you’re getting the right amount of water every day is probably one of the oldest health tricks in the book, but not just because it keeps skin hydrated or helps prevent overeating. A small study in the magazine Limits in nutrition found that drinking water can actually lead to weight loss, possibly because it can increase metabolism. “It takes calories to process water because everything we do costs calories,” says Lauren Pincus, MS, RDN, author of The protein-rich breakfast club. “The more water, the more calories you need to expend.” She suggests aiming for about two liters a day, but the exact amount will depend on your activity level and age. As a bonus, there are many other health benefits of drinking more water.

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Start strength training

While nutritionists agree that there are no magic foods to boost your metabolism, getting enough exercise, especially the right kind of exercise, is key. Strength training two or three times a week can help build lean muscle mass. “A pound of muscle burns up to nine times more calories than a pound of fat,” says nutritionist Lisa Stollman, RDN, CDN. “Lifting weights is a great way to build muscle.” However, it is not just about building lean muscle mass, but also about maintaining it. “As we age, we start to lose muscle,” Pincus says. “Strength training not only builds muscle groups to burn more calories, but also helps maintain them and prevent loss.” Check out these other nutritionist-approved ways to speed up your metabolism.

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