Walmart+: What You Need to Know About the Membership Program

Walmart+ aims to compete with Amazon Prime and offers many of the same benefits.

Anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget will enjoy free stuff, discounts and extra ‘exclusive’ benefits from their favorite stores. It is especially worthwhile to be a member of a place we often visit: sometimes they pay for themselves in the end.

Now Walmart offers its own membership service called Walmart+. If you are a frequent Walmart visitor, it may be worth the cost. This is what we know so far.

What is Walmart+ and what’s in it for me to join?

Basically, the company launched Walmart+ to compete with Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to Amazon Pantry or other food delivery services, consider adding Walmart+.

It offers free same day delivery of groceries. But that’s not all – this is same day delivery on everything, not just food; beauty products, technology, clothing and more. That one-up Amazon Prime through a whole day. Bonus: You can even receive some orders within two hours.

Walmart+ also plans to add streaming content to compete with Amazon Prime Video, which makes sense considering they’re turning their parking lots into drive-in theaters.

And finally, subscribers can get other benefits like discounts on prescriptions and the ability to place orders and pay from their phone.

How much does Walmart+ cost?

Unsurprisingly, it’s in the realm of Amazon Prime, but cheaper. If you want Walmart+, it’ll probably cost you $98 a year — the same as Walmart’s already existing grocery delivery service. (Amazon Prime costs $119 a year, or about $13 a month, if you pay by the month.)

If you’re already looking for a place to sign up, check out the official website to see what Walmart+ benefits are offered in your area. (Then stock up on the healthiest Walmart snacks you can buy.)

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